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I am very pleased with Sunrise Healthcare Centers and the services they have been providing for Park West Companies, Inc. When it comes to workers compensation the Doctors are very knowledgeable. Communication is as easy as picking up the phone and speaking directly to the Doctor or Medical Director. I receive all work statuses and discharge notices in a timely manner. They are very employer friendly!

J.C. – Park West Companies. Inc.

Sunrise healthcare Centers was a great experience! I went into the clinic and was immediately brought back into a room.
The doctor came very quickly and diagnosed me. They made sure I got the right medication and a note. Overall it was a great experience!


Sunrise Multi-specialty Medical Group has served Fabrication Concepts Corporation and its employees for over 15 years.
The staff at Sunrise provide quality care, professionalism, and friendly service. Sunrise treats all Fabcon work‐related injuries promptly and communicates back to us quickly regarding the employee’s work status and treatment process. Also, all Fabcon’s newly hired employees go to Sunrise for all post‐employment physical exams and drug screening.

I feel confident in recommending Sunrise Multispecialty Medical Group’s medical services. They are not only thorough, but the communication the staff and doctor’s provide Fabcon is better than any other medical facility I have dealt with.

Fabrication Concepts Corporation
Manager, Human Resource